Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Defy Gravity

Last night, I was lucky enough to have tickets to see Wicked. It was incredible! One of the scenes, in which Elphaba decides to fight back against what she believes is wrong, sings the well-known, "Defying Gravity" song. Previous to seeing the play, I ran into a teacher with a shirt from Wicked and on the back it said "Defy Gravity." I told her I was going to see the play soon and she said that "Defy Gravity" was her new favorite saying and was going to try and incorporate into her classroom. So, last night when I was listening to the amazing voice of Elphaba, I understood why that teacher wanted to use that phrase with her kids. Defy gravity. Go against the flow. Break the mold. Do it the hard way if it's the right way. Do what people say you can't. Defy gravity.

I'm totally going to use this in my classroom. Encourage my students to be above the norm. Be nice to students whom it's hard to be nice. Follow directions even when your friends aren't. Work hard in class even though you just want to be done. Don't let a stereotype keep you from doing what YOU KNOW YOU CAN DO. Defy gravity, and don't let anyone stop you.

From the Wickedly-inspired,
Miss Davis


  1. Aw this was so sweet! I can tell you are definitely going to change lives Ms. Davis!!!!

  2. "Defy Gravity" that is so awesome, I think I'm going to try to incorporate that into my online classroom!