Sunday, October 4, 2009

Psychiatric help?

So much to say about the last 2 weeks . . . I'll try to contain it to a few paragraphs!

I had a student spend the week in a psychiatric hospital. He was at school last Monday and seemed fine (He was one of my 2 difficult kids) but nothing terrible. He was gone Tuesday and I found out that afternoon that his mother had checked him into the psychiatric hospital on Monday night. Mom didn't tell the school why so we had no information and had to withdraw him from school (he was enrolled at the hospital). He returned on Tuesday of this week. Again, no information! I would think, if he was in a state that he needed to check into a pyschiatric hospital, that I as the teacher would be given at least some information . . . what if he had been a danger to himself or others? Shouldn't I be informed in case he starts to escalate again? He has, however, since his return, been calm and agreeable for the most part. I am still worried though.

On the topic of mental disorders, is it possible for a whole class to be bipolar?

Thursday goes down as the worst day we have had in class yet. The 16 4th graders entered my room as normal, but proceeded to spend the entire day not listening to a word I said and picking on the new kid in class (I got a new student on Monday). Really? The new kid? That's low, guys! On top of that, the girls in my class have all of the sudden decided to take part in the drama that, until this week, has stayed in the other 4th grade class. I have never heard so many nasty reports of words and actions coming from the mouths of my 4th grade girls! I am appalled and disappointed to hear these things, but did my best to settle the arguments and handle the discipline issues. The counselor was a big help in this situation! I also sent home 3 behavior plans on Thursday afternoon (up until now, I had sent home a total of 3 for the year). And to add on top of everything else, we recieved our first benchmark test scores back on Thursday afternoon.


Epic fail.

Thursday evening was . . . not so enjoyable for this new teacher.

Friday, however, dawned crisp and clear, and I dressed for week in my jeans (yay jeans!) and school t-shirt and headed to school to face what I knew would be another terrible day in my classroom (I was feeling pretty pessimistic about how my classroom management was working out). I greeted my 4th graders and found a completely calm, compliant, and agreeable class (for the most part). My ever-pushing problem child showed up with his very best attitude of the year, even offering to help the cafeteria ladies clean up after lunch (what?). I even called his mother after school to let her know about his fantastic attitude for the day. After previous phone calls we've had (remember, he is my problem child), she did not sound happy to hear my voice on the phone. However, I was able to report good news to her for once, and I think she appreciated it. It was encouraging for me, as well. So, I left for this weekend after having quite a fantastic day at school after the worst day possible on Thursday. Happy weekend to me!

And that's where I am now. I just finished writing my lesson plans for the week which, much to my surprise and enjoyment, are getting much easier and faster. Thank goodness! Now I am grading papers and watching football. :)

One more full week and then a short week and Fall Break! Time really is flying.

Thanks for keeping up! :)

From the currently-optimistic,
Miss Davis


  1. another round of craziness from you! do you have to take courses in like child spych and stuff in school?

  2. Oh, Allison! Hang in there.
    I agree with you--I am surprised that no information on the child with problems has been given to you. It is so important for parents to communicate with teachers. You are, after all, shaping his life and helping to form how he deals with the outside world.
    My nephew has Aspberger's and if it weren't for my sister constantly communicating with his teachers I don't think he would be doing as well as he is today.
    Keep on hangin' on!