Monday, December 14, 2009


So, we finished last week on a really great note . . . most of my class even earned a little extra computer time for their good behavior! I was pretty excited. Also, the other 4th grade class earned a root beer float party for receiving 6 compliments on their procedures in just 3 days. When one of the students kindly brought me a root beer float to enjoy, the questions from my kids started . . . "Why do you get that?" "Why did they have a root beer float party?" I explained how they had asked their teacher if they earned a set number of compliments as a class, then they earned a small party ("anything to get them motivated!" he had said). Immediately, one of my kids piped up "We could so beat that!" followed by a chorus of "yeah!" and "easy!" They set a goal on their own of 10 compliments before Wednesday. I gladly agreed that we could have a small root beer float party if they earned the compliments. They were so pumped!

And then they came to school today and acted like they had no idea what it looked like to walk in the hallway, line up, or work with a partner.


Even after reminders about their challenge, they just didn't seem to care.

Ugh, I just wish I could really motivate them to behave. It's so hard! Yet, it's the little motivators that surprise me, if only they could work all the time. 2 things that help keep my kids calm: if they follow procedures after lunch, we do read-aloud with the lights off and the Christmas lights on. They love it. Also, if they show teamwork with partners, we listen to soft Christmas music during literacy work stations. Amazing how little things like that can make a difference sometimes . . . not all the time, for sure. But every once in awhile, they sure do surprise me.

On another note, the blessed Christmas break is only 4 days away. Hooray!

Listening to the sounds of Charlie Brown Christmas,
Miss Davis

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