Monday, August 17, 2009


So, my first day of teacher in-service began at 8 am this morning at Tulsa Public Schools' "Convocation." It was crazy to see every single one of Tulsa's schoolteachers, from pre-K to high school, all gathered in one room. The new superintendent spent the first 10 minutes of his speech talking about how he didn't want to waste our time, which I thought was just a bit ironic. :) He seemed really optimistic and we are hopeful he is able to carry through on what he claims to stand for, which is the classroom teacher. Following convocation, I had lunch with a big group of the teachers from my school, which was neat. I enjoyed getting to know them a little more and feeling like part of the group.
I spent the rest of the afternoon working in my room, trying to figure out what I have left to do. I think I am getting close to finishing, but I feel like there is still lots to do. I don't know. I'm not a fan of feeling unprepared! I am trying to accept that I am just going to feel that way for awhile, no matter what! But, I'll survive.
The Tulsa Classroom Teachers Association also met today, and it was strange to talk about salaries, legal representation, etc. I'm glad there are others who are smarter than me to think about these things!
Tomorrow brings another day of meetings, along with a final class schedule. I think I'll feel better once I can plan my day, literally minute-by-minute.
Keep me in your prayers as I try to get ready for my kiddos!

From the looking-more-official desk of,
Miss Davis

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