Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dreary to Cheery

I finally feel like I have had a productive day of preparation. With the help of my fiance and his co-worker, my classroom was painted a beautiful turquoise color today! It was really fun to see how it transformed the room from drab and dreary to bright and cheery! I absolutely love it and had lots of positive comments from the other teachers, which was really encouraging. With the extra help, all of my tubs and boxes of stuff made it into my room today also. None of it is unpacked yet, but it's all in there!
I am looking forward to having a helping hand tomorrow--one of my best friends' mothers is a teacher (just moved so she is without a position for now) and is coming to help me in my room all day tomorrow. Hopefully we will get everything moved around where I want it and she can give me some organization tips that I desperately need! I am hoping she can think of things that I still need to buy/do that I haven't thought of yet. It will definitely be a wonderful blessing to have her with me tomorrow!
I spent some time earlier this week to "script" my first day of school, which makes me feel a little better about it. Someone (for the life of me, I can't remember who) said that they did that every year, just to keep things running smoothly, and I feel a lot more prepared. I have written every word, question, and action that I hope to do on the first day of school. While I know I won't follow it exactly, I feel like I have an outline now. What a wonderful tip for a new teacher!
One week from today, I will meet my new 4th graders, and I am so excited, yet I feel so unprepared still! I know that I will accomplish a lot this week, and I am relying on the Lord to get me through and prepare me as much as possible!

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