Friday, August 14, 2009


Oh my gosh, what a long, tiring week! I spent 4 of the 5 days in the classroom this week, trying to get ready for the start of school. Once I got the paint on the walls, I was really able to start hanging stuff up on the walls and organizing. It is taking so much more work than I thought it would! I also didn't realize how many decisions I would have to make (which is a serious problem, because I am one of the most indecisive people ever). What to put here, how to have them turn things in, where to put all the bookshelves, tables, baskets, supplies, etc, etc, etc. So many decisions! I think I've managed to get things organized enough to get started, however, I also have the mindset that I'm just going to change things around as school starts and I figure out what works.
I was very blessed to have lots of help this week from my fiance, his co-worker, my mom, and an experienced teacher-friend of hers. That was another realization that I had this week--that I needed lots of help! I didn't really think I would need too much help, but I really did! I am learning more and more to just ask questions of others and not worry about "looking stupid." I did run into a little trouble with that today though . . . ready for a littel humor? I have been asking the teacher across the hall lots of questions over the last few days. I just stick my head in the door and ask. Well, earlier today, I opened the door as I started to phrase my question and saw a group of teachers, including my principal, in the teacher's room for a meeting. I totally interrupted my principal speaking and I was so embarrassed! She didn't seem to mind too much, told me to go ahead and ask my question, and just moved on. Wow, I was embarrassed! But, oh well. Such is life.
This weekend brings with it a list of things for me to accomplish at home that will hopefully get my room pretty much finished as far as the physical aspect of things. I also need to get to working more on the lesson planning for the first week. Yikes! It's all still overwhelming.

More to come after my first contract day on Monday!

From the cluttered but almost-decorated room of,
Miss Davis

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